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Meet Margaret, founder of Body Repair Clinic & Swadlincote Hydrotherapy.

Hi, I am Margaret Krason. A fully qualified sports and remedial massage therapist, with 8 years expertise in my fields. I am passionate about helping people overcome their injuries and reduce everyday stress to enable them to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I have always been interested in body anatomy and physiology and I dedicate myself to continue to study and gain further knowledge in these subjects.

My journey into colonic hydrotherapy began following my own first ever treatment. I previously suffered with stomach issues such as bloating, intolerances to foods and I wanted to see if it would have a positive effect in easing my symptoms. My first treatment was incredible, and the results even better than I expected. I felt re-charged, lighter and my stomach felt amazing.

Studying and learning more about the colon and digestive system also helps immensely with my Massage clients. Some would come to me presenting symptoms such as headaches, skin conditions and muscle inflammation which we found were caused by an unbalanced / unhealthy gut which we could now treat with a mixture of treatments, helping my clients improve their health and reduce bad symptoms.

For some of my clients’ colonic treatments and a change in their diets has been life changing. It is very rewarding being a part of this process and seeing the positive changes these treatments bring to people’s lives.

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