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What is Colonic Hydrotherapy? How may it benefit me?

Colon hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation or just “colonics” is a process in which warm, purified water is introduced into the colon, via the rectum in a controlled manner from a qualified therapist. Using specialised massage techniques, the therapist breaks down the contents of the colon and stimulates it to release the old impacted faeces and mucous which often harbor toxic residues, putrefied food and negative bacteria.

It is by no means a new concept. The process of cleansing the colon for the benefit of health has been documented in detail throughout the centuries, even as early as egyptian times. In more recent years up until the early to mid 1900’s, versions of colonics were still being performed in hospitals by medical professions.​

The purpose of colon hydrotherapy is to achieve the optimal bowel function through the restoration of fluid, matter and gas balance, removal of excess wastes and exercise to the large intestine for the benefit of assisting absorption, assimilation and elimination which is instrumental in maintaining health and wellbeing of the body and mind.

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  • Improving function of the colon

    Colonics is more than a cleansing process.  It also gently exercises and tones the colon like a little internal workout.  Not make the bowels lazy like an over-usage of laxatives can do. Improved function increases the urge to evacuate your bowels more frequently and comfortably.  Heavenly if constipation is your main issue!

  • Reduction in cramps and bloating

    There are many causes of gas, bloating and diarrhoea.  But two of the main culprits are foods that have not been digested properly and an excess of non-friendly bacteria, yeasts or even parasites in the bowels.  Colonics promote improved digestion of foods and also encourage the growth of friendly bacteria which keep the non-beneficial things at bay.  Great for clients with IBS or similar issues.  Who wouldn’t like a flatter tummy!

  • Improved energy levels

    Waste material contains cellular waste, toxins, metabolised hormones and lots of other things the body really wants to get rid of.  As faecal matter lingers, these toxins can re-enter the bloodstream through the bowel wall.  This can often leave you feeling tired and irritable.  Colonics are a rejunvenation process.

  • Improved immune function & skin

    The colon is the sewer system of our body and is the main route we evacuate waste.  Our liver, kidneys, lungs and skin are the other four elimination organs.  When our colon is not functioning correctly it places extra work on the other elimination organs.  Our bodies are amazing creations and will adapt.  However, skin issues, a negative change in bodily odours and low immunity can be a sign that your body is struggling to keep up with the excess workload.

Food for thought…

The ideal transit time of food through the body is eighteen to twenty hours. However, the average time in the UK (one of the most constipated nations in Europe) is now sixty hours for men and seventy hours for women – with over 20,000 new cases of bowel cancer being diagnosed each year. No wonder laxatives are the second biggest seller for the pharmaceutical companies. ​​​

​Recent european studies have shown that 80% of our immune tissue resides in our digestive tract. Even more reason to look after it!

​​The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a dietary fibre intake of AT LEAST 25g. In the UK we on average only consume 10-20g. In Africa where colon disease is very rare, the average fibre consumption is 40-60g.

You have more bacteria living in your digestive tract than you have cells in your entire body! If the balance of bacteria is a healthy ratio of good to bad bacteria it helps to maintain the health of your digestive tract.

“Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the intestinal system. When the intestines are dirty, the blood is dirty and so are the organs and tissues. It is the intestinal system that has to be cared for before any effective healing can take place.”

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We cannot stress strongly enough that colonic hydrotherapists cannot diagnose nor treat any condition.

We only aim to improve natural function of the digestive system through colonics, diet alterations and supplementation. Should you have any changes in bowel habits that are not normal for you, we urge you to see your G.P first to check there is nothing serious going on. Once diagnostics tests have been performed to show there is no risk of serious conditions, then we are here to help improve upon your symptoms.

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